Dope Minerals got a Glow Up! Shop the same products you know and love!

Nourish Your Skin, Nurture Your Health

Therapeutic magnesium and CBD infused full body care.

The Magic Mineral

Our bodies are capable of wonders when given the natural elements we need. When our bodies are lacking these elements, they tell us through things like muscle tension, fatigue, headaches, inflammation and anxiety. Our pure, magnesium infused products deliver magnesium directly to the cells through the skin, allowing our bodies to absorb one of the most important minerals it uses to heal itself. When we heal our bodies from the inside out, the glow is magnetic.

Why Moonglow Minerals

Our story began with a mom on a mission, some life-changing advice from an acupuncturist and the desire to share the possibilities of healing and full body wellness through magnesium.

Feelin’ the Glow Up

Be a Glow Getter

We're Glowing

Dope Minerals is now Moonglow Minerals. Our products are still Dope as ever with all the same clean ingredients and magnesium healing power you know and love!