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Magnesium + CBD Infused Face Oil


Our Magnesium + CBD Face Oil was created to deliver both powerful elements directly to the cells through the skin.

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Our Magnesium + CBD Face Oil was created to deliver both powerful elements directly to the cells through the skin.

Magnesium is an anti-aging, anti-wrinkle powerhouse that helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, enhance hydration and encourage the production of collagen. Potent Full Spectrum CBD Oil (100 mg) is rich in omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids which help combat redness and plumps fine lines.

Nourish sensitive, dry or tired skin with our highly restorative formula that smoothes and softens the skin while adding tone and elasticity without clogging pores.

Hemp Seed Oil is easily absorbed and non-greasy while Neem deeply cleanses pores by removing impurities and dirt acting as an antibacterial agent. Steam distilled Geranium Oil regulates skin’s sebum production, Frankincense helps to heal the skin and negate the signs of aging and Carrot Seed Oil increases anti-aging effects.

Magnesium is effective in reducing scars, acne, dark spots, redness and treating skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. 

How to Use

Massage a small amount into dry skin.

Store in a cool, dry place.  Do not apply to cuts, wounds, open sores or freshly shaved areas of skin, and always test a small amount on a patch of skin first to ensure you are not allergic to any ingredient in our products.


Neem Infused Hemp Seed Oil, Magnesium Chloride, Full Spectrum Cannabidiol Extract (100 mg), Frankincense, Carrot Seed & Geranium Oils.

Product Details 

1 oz.

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1.5 × 4 in

36 Responses

  1. Christina T. says:
  2. Anonymous says:
  3. Charity Nicole says:

    Absolutely love Dope Minerals! Always have!

  4. Krystle McFadden says:

    The one thing that I love is that it really isn’t heavy or feel oily on the skin. My skin felt so moisturized! I actually didn’t even apply a moisturizer! I have been using it for a few days, and I already noticed a difference in my skin. My skin’s texture feels a little more consistent, areas that typically are drier are now more moisturized, ance has decreased and I can see it healing my acne spots. Thank you Dope Minerals!

  5. Crystal White says:

    Great product ????????

  6. Lacy says:

    My face has never looked better!!

  7. Karla says:

    Great quality product! Will purchase again!

  8. Debe Santos says:

    Great we love it

  9. Stephanie O'Brien says:
  10. Diana says:

    This oil works great on my body! It’s a keeper! I have recommended this product to others

  11. Diana says:
  12. Erica says:

    I can’t believe the difference I’ve seen using this product in just a matter of 2 weeks. I love how light & gentle it is. I’ve had bad acne for 10 years, especially on my jawline, tried everything, but I feel like this product really relieves the inflammation & has minimized acne flare ups! And it smells wonderful.

  13. Shawnta says:

    This oil is amazing! It leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed, plus the smell is great!

  14. Kerri says:

    I love this product I’ve used it for almost year on my face. I even have my nephew using it for his acne. Customer for life!

  15. Diana says:

    Excellent Product it only takes a small amount when using for a face serum.

  16. Nyoka B. says:
  17. Mara Reyes says:

    Always excitment when waiting for my orders. It’s like Christmas in a box. Thank you!!

  18. Kerri says:

    I love this product! I reccomend your products to anyone who will listen

  19. Alessandra says:

    I think my skin was sensitive right from the shower, so next time I’ll try it by waiting a little before I use it. Hopefully it won’t sting next time, I want to use it!!

  20. Maureen says:

    is that price a typo?

  21. Carolina Escobedo says:

    Awesome product, my skin loves it. Moisturizes amanzingly!!

  22. Leean Pina says:
  23. Latoya French says:

    There are so MANY amazing things about this product! I love the smell and the texture, especially when applying it to my face. The most exciting and surprising benefit of this oil for me was the after-sun relief. It instantly moisturized my skin without any discomfort and the sunburn was gone the next day. MOST IMPORTANTLY, I NEVER EXPERIENCED PEELING!!!

  24. DeAnna M. says:
  25. Teresa Williams says:

    Love this on my face .I know from experience that frankincense is great on the skin so the added magnesium and cbd make is excellent for my skin I see a difference after 1 use.

  26. Roberta says:

    I’ve used it for about 5 days (2x/day) and see a difference in my skin. I am going to evaluate my skin after using a full bottle and make the decision if I want to continue.

  27. Anonymous says:

    I really enjoy the product.

  28. dalethian murray says:

    Have not received product.

  29. kateria n. says:

    This is a miracle product. I loved it so much that I bought more for my daughters to use. You can feel its healing power!

  30. Latoya French says:

    I continue to be impressed by the results of using this product. From relief from sun exposure to clearing of blemishes, it just never misses.

  31. Shauna B. says:
  32. Darren M Kemp says:

    This my go to oil it keeps me young forever

  33. Brian Hooks says:
  34. JoAnn Bauer says:

    Great for the face

  35. Juliet D. says:
  36. Julie Hennessy says:

    I have aging, extremely dry, extremely sensitive skin. I’ve tried everything, in every price range, and they all make my aging skin break out. This product does NOT!!! My face feels moisturized and smooth after use. I purchased my first product from Gina back when she was “Kiss My Bath,” at a craft fair in DeLand, Florida. I wander away to try different products occasionally, but always find my way back!